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Class List

Below is a list of classes we offer through Of One Source.

1.) Setting Up Sacred Space         

In your own search for a closer relationship with the Divine, have you ever wanted to know how to go beyond an occasional prayer and really feel close to (+ The Energies of The One ) (- God) ? We all perceive the idea of "The Divine" in our own way.  Call this ultimate energy God, The Light, The Source, The Divine, it is that greatness we desire to connect with and remember that we are one with it.

This class covers all of the basics, like what tools you need, how you should go about making a sacred space, and how to take sacred space with you in your travels. Participants should bring an object, like a piece of jewelry, a stone, or anything meaningful, to be blessed during the ceremony that will conclude the class. You will also be given a handout covering all the material discussed in the class for your further development at home.

2) PLR and HS   

Have you experienced a pain, sickness, fear or phobia, you could not understand or maybe heal?  Have you felt unreasonable joy, happiness, or ill feelings toward a person you just met for the first time, and wondered "where did that come from"?  We are connected and many times the answers to these questions and more lie in our past or even future lifetime experiences.  Many people have released sickness, fears, and feelings through a process known as Past Life Regression. Even if you do not believe in reincarnation, it works!

This adventure starts you in an exploration of yourself by explaining a complete view of re-incarnation, past lives, the higher self, and can give you the tools to independently connect to the perfection that is you.  The class includes a group past life regression and discussion with a handout of information for you to keep.

3.) Spiritual Energy Systems in Your Body and Your Life   

Did you know your body has measurable electric energy in it? Science has shown that the human body has electrical impulses, just like a power plant. Ancient Wisdom shows the ancients knew this long before electricity was "invented." The Hindu chakra system, the Chinese acupuncture charts, and energy healing techniques like Reiki and Therapeutic Touch, show that this system is in place, and can be manipulated and changed by the individual or a trained professional. Learn how to detect your own energy levels and centers of energy. Learn some ways you can change this energy through the use of meditation, prayer, color, and even just your breath. Class concludes with a chakra balancing and clearing meditation. You will receive a handout describing these energy systems for you to use at home.

4.) Spirit Guides and Angels   

Perhaps you have seen a movie or read a book about guardian angels.
Maybe you have dreamt about someone coming to help you in a dream that seems very familiar to you, yet you do not know this person in your waking life.
Who are these people and how do you find out about them?
 In this class, we will discuss the various kinds of beings in the Spirit World that are here to help you.
Both traditional views of angels and New Thought perspectives will be covered, as everyone has equal access to their guardians and guides no matter their religious background.
Practical techniques and practices for having a conversation with your guide will be demonstrated.
Class will conclude with a meditation to meet your guardian.
You will receive a handout listing these types of beings and descriptions for your use at home.

5) Power of spirit in physical 

You probably already know that there is a world of spirit that surrounds us all.
It is a reality that you already have Connections with spirit  and that you are not alone.  
Anyone who pays attention to life has heard about all the Spiritual Setups, (What a Coincidence), Serendipity, or that was easy.  But did you know that perhaps Spirit spent 20 years planning that lucky moment?  You may not yet know that, or, how you can make better use of this reality of connections.
We have spent over 30 years living this reality.  Allow us to share with you, how you can energize this Power of spirit in your physical life, for a win win lifetime experience of growth and manifestation.  

6.) Using Crystals for Self Empowerment and Transformation

Are there too many crystal books out there for you to make any sense of them?  Are there ways to increase the benefits of using crystals in your life?  Would you like to get first hand experience through a down to Earth workshop where you can hear, see, touch, and feel the answers to your questions?

Dr. Johnson has been working with crystals since the 1980's, before most huge books were written. She will show you how to use color, sacred geometry, and many different kinds of stones and natural materials, like  flowers, seashells, and driftwood, to create healing or spiritual mandalas that act as a prayer machine. Be sure to bring your favorite stones to share with the class and a favorite story to share about how crystals have helped you. Class will conclude with a mandala including all of the personal crystals and objects and a blessing ceremony. You will receive a handout on crystal basics with descriptions, lists of crystals that need special treatment, and a basic diagram of a sacred geometry layout to use at home.

7) UCouncil       
Through work with Archangels Uriel and Metatron, a  new tool and support structure has been designed to level the playing field for all people, so they can take control of their lives and be more successful at all levels.

In this class you will have the opportunity to learn how to receive the help you desire from your Spirit.  You will connect more fully to the powers, of love, light, and health.
With this assistance you can now succeed at the physical level for what you have been striving at for years, and also have greater spiritual growth than in the recent past.
This 4 hr workshop includes slide shows, discussions, Q&A, and a guided meditation to help you make your own connection.

8) Channeling Sessions