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Presenters of information, articles, poems, and teachings, associated with Of One Source. 

More than Authors, they present multiple items and most have been serving with our TEAM for a while.


DrJ (6)

DrJ Co-Founder of Of One Source. She is an Author, Teacher, and above all, She IS,

A Spiritual Adventurer !

Gabriel (3)

Arch Angel gabriel

Lew (2)

I see a light, and if you see it too, whatever you choose to call it, perhaps we can walk a ways together. Welcome, to a new adventure !

Master-Does-Family (1)

Ancient Buddhist Monks

Metatron (1)

Arch Angel Metatron
aka the ascended Enoch

Michael (1)

Arch Angel Michael

Nathaniel (3)

Young Angel
under Arch Angel Michael

Raphael (3)

Arch Angel Raphael