Rustosis - The Love of Old Iron

John Deere Antique Tractor Pull was a website that chronicled our activities at the Village in Flywheeler Park near Ft. Meade, FL. The theme is antique engines, hence the ever present rust as our color scheme. Rustosis is a disease you get from touching an antique engine and, being fascinated with it, you bring one home. Then you see another one out in the world and get it for parts to repair the first one. And while you are not looking, the two antique engines have put out the call and attracted more to you. Before long, you need a barn to hold them all.

The engines range from small in size, like a collection of antique hand-crank sewing machines, to the tools used in connection with the engine, like a collection of sad irons, sheep shears, and spinning wheels, to competitions between owners, like tractor pulls of antique tractors. The park offered three shows a year plus a Christmas event fundraiser for local towns. A lot of fun was had, parades and karaoke, and many many covered dish suppers.

We are no longer affiliated with the club and no longer own the One Room School House and Dry Goods Store that we built, the popular nights of karaoke are gone, so we have gone on to other things. No more tractors, just time to spend with the grandkids and family.  We will miss many of those we have come to love, but will carry them forever in our hearts.

Thanks for the memories to all who came to visit!

Lewis and Constance