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CommUnity OnLine        WWCOL.COM  

Our commUnity builder and business site is where we all started in September of 1995.
The Internet was fairly new and spam did not yet exist.
There were few apps, and we designed everything on the fly.  Exciting times and we all shared and grew.  Life was a challenge, but friendly.

We built the chatrooms, in CHAT.WWCOL.COM and they served many thousands over the past 21 years.  They housed multiple arguments, saved several lives with counseling, performed a few weddings, and lifted many thousands of prayers.

This would never have happened without the love and  support from thousands of volunteers who choose to serve through the rooms.  The  joy we shared knowing these wonderful people has been one of the strong memmories that kept us working to keep them going.

However, as of March 11, 2017, all of our chatrooms are closed.  

They have served many since their start in 1996, but other social media methods have made them unneccessary. Singles chat, Teen chat, General chat, and prayer chat, have all been closed as was posted in the rooms for several months.

 This new site is dedicated to the research and presentation of spiritual information without regards to any religion.

My work and deep desire to be of service to God and Christ has brought into my life many changes and views of God's mighty and magnificent Creation, and everything in it.  Our 30 years of growth and research is in the process of being made available here.

I thank each of you who read this, for without the opportunity to be of service to you, I would never have looked within myself and found a Loving Creator and His Son willing to teach and share with me in a very personal way.

Nor would I have ever allowed myself to release any fears of seeking information about Truth, and allowing others to be who they are, and love them anyway, without judgement.

May all who come be blessed and know, that we are all, Of One Source.