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We will agree perhaps that we two people are the physical people that have been steadfast throughout the journey of creating this work.  We will call ourselves the "Founders".  In reality, there would be no information, no website, no divine connection that makes everything possible, without the patience, love, and guidance of Archangel Michael, his Commanders and Comrads, a great TEAM of supporters at all levels, and the love and interactions of hundreds of people we are honored to call "our friends".

 The Founders:

Constance is highly educated with multiple degrees, A Juris doctor degree in Law, and a PHD in Library Science.  She is a professional researcher, who has spent many years in her spiritual quest for greater understanding of spirituality, metaphysics, the divine, and her husband.  Her great desire to share wisdom and beauty has touched thousands and her desire to know and share more is what drives her forward.  

Lewis is a down to Earth hands on type person who spent a lifetime of hard work and learning how to get things done.  He was a pioneer in every field he entered.  In the 70's and 80's in computer design, expanding to the internet in the mid 90's, and always seeking greater understanding in the realms of spirit.  His desire to make life simpler, easier, safer, or more joyful for all is what  keeps him growing.

In 1989 through a series of supernatural events, he and Constance were brought together along with a gathering of spirit beings. They were guided and built a powerful TEAM that closely works with them in every aspect of life.  This TEAM continues to serve and grow, both in spirit and in physical.  For Together Everyone Achieves More.

Constance's  abilities to blend consciousness with her TEAM in spirit and Lewis' heart driven questions, make a partnership that is well respected in the world of spirituality. Thirty years of research as a Channel with the Divine Team is still bringing forth detailed information about the Universe.  It is now time to build a suitable platform that can teach, heal, publish books, and other means of making this information available to the world.  

 Our TEAM is not just a TEAM, they are our FAMILY!

Lewis and Constance


How We got Here

Through out Creation there have been many who have dared to challenge the unknown in every level of existance.  Be it on land, on the sea, in the air, in space, or even in the realms of beliefs and spirit, they dared to search, teach, challenge, stretch the envelope, and grow.  They lived, and many died, opening doors of belief, opportunity, freedom, and hope for the rest of the world and all that was yet to come.  To these great beings, physical or not, we humbly bow in honor of who and what they are.  They and others like them have made anything we do now possible.  They still fight, die, and even live today in our politics, our religious leaders, our first responders, our protestors, our military, our teachers, and in the house next door.  We call them our ancestors, our loved ones, our supporters, but all of them and YOU, we call Our Heros !


The Researchers

 The researchers are many.  We have a great resource of people who have specialized in their perspective fields, and have shared with us many years of life and information.  They teach, they channel as a voice for spirit, they pray and minister to others. Perhaps all these people are not best of friends, they do not agree on everything, ( some agree on nothing ) and all have had to suffer life challenges at times.   There are several things all these people have in common.  They support each other in love, and honor their needs to be different.  They have a divine desire within them that continues to push them forward in their work, in spite of what the world or their own desires may dictate at times.  They never quit.  They continue to seek higher and clearer connections within so they may share greater wisdom with others.  They have looked beyond the possible, have stepped out into open air, and found that in every instance, there was a solid support and a new level of excitement and growth awaiting them. 

These people are "The Spiritual Adventurers" !


A Few TEAM Names

 Allow us to present some of the members of the Of One Source team.  Some now serve in other areas, but serve they do, and, we stay in touch.

Most of us have been together for over 25 years.

These fellow companions helped to create and keep the Of One Source running. More than any web site, more than the  outreach, more than just us, they are family.

Samuel Timothy Smith -      Website Director and overseer
Nathaniel Greenleaf -          Head Custodian in charge of Maintenance
Rudolph Goldenseal -         Chief of Securety and Safety
Sananda Michaels -            Special Projects Instructor
Gloria Michaels -               Assistant Instructor - Events coodinator
Gracie Rafaele -                Assistant Instructor - Prayer Coordinator
Zechariah -                      Specialist in OnSite Spiritual Research

Below are a few of the divisions or departmental teams that have joined to make OfOneSource.com the best it can be
Many members participate in more than one group.

Spiritual Research team      They bring to our attention the words, images, and details from spirit

Author and Writers team      They are our core group of authors that work both as individuals and as a team

Artwork and Design team    They find, research, draw, paint, or photograph all the images and diagrams we use


Many more have joined with us, and as time ( and they ) permit, we will add them to this growing list of family.

We thank our team of transcribers who take the audio files and type them in words we can print. Our volunteer reader-editors who read the documents and help tag them for storage and future archives. The minds, young and old who come together who help us see more ways to serve and share.

Thank you from

The founding TEAM OfOneSource.com